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      1. DFW Series

        High voltage cable branch box

        This series of cable branch box is applicable to 12 kv ac 50 hz. rated voltage, the outlet and inlet line of cable outdoor distribution network, it is widely used in industrial parks, residential area, commercial central and mining area, airport, railway, port, power station, such as distribution. especially for urban power grid renovation project.A:
        • Summary
        • Model and meaning
        • Condition of use
        • Technical data
        1. insulation. fully sealed, maintenance-free. Reliable safety guarantee.
        2. simplify the city cable network system, save investment.
        3. outdoor water, dust, moisture, flood prevention, corrosion resistance. environment adaptable, flexible combination, into the wire from 2 to eight-way, satisfies the requirement of all kinds of wiring.
        4. small volume, compact structure, beautiful and easy, convenient installation, maintenance free. In with short circuit and charged display indicator, can bring lightning arrester.
        5. covers an area of small, low height, beautiful, can be coordinated with surrounding environment: Wiring scheme is flexible, the installation operation is very convenient.
        6.200 a cable head can plug with load, at the same time has the function of case of isolating switch can be installed short-circuit fault indicator. quickly determine the fault location.
        7. can load switch. or any combination of circuit breaker and cable connectors. improves the circuit operation, maintenance and repair of flexibility, reduce line outage time, improve power supply reliability. Can replace part of the ring network cabinet or switchgear or open and close, reduce the cost of the integrated system.

        Model and meaning
        Condition of use
        1. 25℃ ambient temperature:-~40℃;
        2. altitude does not exceed 1000m;
        3. air relative humidity:95% or less.
        4. the ambient air should be no obviously polluted by combustible gases, but can be polluted by smoke, dust, corrosive gas, pollution Use level shall not exceed the GB/T5585 Ⅲ.
        5. no recurrent severe vibration.

        Technical data
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