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      1. YB□-40.5KV/12KV

        Prefabricated substation

        This series with voltage 40.5 KV substation is superior, the lower voltage 12 KV(7.2) three-phase ac 50 hz outdoor equipment, universal city, villages and towns, factories and oil field, terminals and other places, can also be applied to some large construction site, for the use of accept, transformation and distribution of electrical energy. Has a complete set of strong sex, cover an area of an area small, easy installation and use. low cost, high degree of automation, safe and reliable running etc.
        • Model and meaning
        • Technical data
        • Product structure characteristics
        • Technical data
        Model and meaning
        Technical data
        1. the altitude does not exceed 1000m;
        2. +40℃, ambient temperature limit, lower limit to 25℃;
        3. the wind speed is not more than 35 m/s:
        4. the relative humidity is not more than 90%;
        5. vertical gradient less than 5°, the place of no violent vibration and impact;
        6. no conductive dust and explosion danger and pollution level is less than level 3, no corrosion metal and electrical components of the gas;
        7. when the normal conditions of use cannot satisfy the use requirement, negotiate with factory.

        Product structure characteristics
        Substation in general use "H"shape arrangement, by 35 kv switchgear room,10 kv switchgearroom. automatic control. transformer, etc. Control room in accordance with the specific circumstances and 35 kv and 10 kv switch room is composed of a box body, transformer outside, and through certain protection and the interval form transformer installation area. Body usually is made of high qualified steel plate after surface anticorrosion and spray treatment of middle insulation materials, can effectively guarantee the normal work of the box body internal thermal control system. In addition, the box body by anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy plate material available or made from caigang composite panels, composite panels are colorful and beautiful, and have strong heat insulation, light, etc.
        Technical data
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