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      1. GZD(W)

        Numerical control DC screen

        GZW series numerical control dc screen is suitable for the substation, power plants, communications, power systems and industrial and mining enterprises, as control, protection, signal, emergency lighting and other dc power supply load of normal and accident conditions. Especially suitable for unattended substation, it is below 500000 v ideal transformer substation dc power supply system.
        PLC+touch screen monitor and intelligent high frequency module,a new element such as lead-acid maintenance-free battery technology combination, and the power system of open configuration software and communication function continuously put forward higher request, in the field of the dc power supply, finally introduced a higher degree of automation, protection configuration is more reasonable, all-digital testing regulation and control of intelligent numerical control dc power supply Screen.

        • Condition of use
        • Model and meaning
        • Technical data
        • Ordering information
        Condition of use
        1. the altitude does not exceed 2000m;
        2. the environmental temperature5℃to+40℃
        3. daily average relative humidity is not more than 90%;
        4. strong vibration and shock, strong electromagnetic interference; Around
        5. no punishment dust, explosive medium,a corrosive action on metals.and the damage of harmful gases, conductive particles and severe mold;
        6. vertical gradient is not more than 5 degrees.

        Model and meaning
        1. integrated design, standardized products, modular structure, digital control, the image display.
        2. ac input switch, the lightning protection and communication exception alarm automatically.
        3. high frequency switch power supply module. digital, hot plug structure.n+1/n+2 redundancy configuration. with two hands/automatic control.
        4. +touch screen, PLC central control, the system charge and discharge, the whole process of automatic tracking, online detection of single battery volage, the feeder insulation condition of high frequency module, digital control completely according to the characteristic curve of battery recharged, has automatic temperature compensation function.
        5. large screen automatically displays each unit and data real-time status. touch screen operation to modify operation parameter and floating state switch.
        6. the central monitoring device failure, the default parameters operation of the high frequency module immediately, to prevent the system crash.
        7. 20~1200 ah series is complete, can satisfy the users all kinds of special requirements.
        8. Eight, the use of air circuit breaker and switch the short time delay, protecting electrical coordination.
        9. using C profile reinforced frame of a new shape structure, protection grade IP30 regulation requirements.
        10. RS232/RS485 physical communication port, communication protocol has a standard definition, definition of production, the user can define three optional, friendly man-machine dialogue according to the set parameters automatic alarm, large-capacity alarm information record, has the clock printing function.

        Technical data
        Ordering information
        When you place an order, you should provide the following information:
        1. all types of products (including main circuit scheme and auxiliary circuit scheme);
        2. main circuit system sequence diagram;
        3. auxiliary circuit electrical schematic diagram;
        4. components contained in the listing:
        5. products have special requirements, the prior statement.
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