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      1. GCS

        Low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

        GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear.(hereinafter referred to as device) is two joint set Meter group according to the department in charge of industry, the general electric power users and the requirement of design unit design Out of accord with national conditions, with high technical per formance indicators and can adapt to power market development needs Want to and can compete with the introduction of existing product low voltage draw-out switch cabinet. The device has been Power users widely used.
        Device is suitable for the power plant, petroleum. chemical, metallurgical. textile, high-rise building, etc Industry distribution system. In large power plant, factory automation system, requirements and design Computer interface, as the frequency of the three-phase ac 50 Hz(60), the rated working voltage of 380(400 v).(380 v), rated current is 5000 a and below the hair, power supply in the system Power distribution and motor control, no power compensation use of low-voltage distribution equipment..
        The design of the device meets the following criteria It1Gb7251' low-voltage complete switch and control equipment""low-voltage complete switch equipment"

        • Condition of use
        • Model and meaning
        • Structure feature
        • Technical data
        Condition of use
        1. the ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ℃, the highest lowest notless than 5 C: And the averagetemperatureis nothigher thanwithin24h+35℃.
        Beyond, should be based on the actual situation down let run:
        2. indoor use, the use of site shall not exceed 2000 m altitude;
        3. the surrounding air relative humidity when the highest temperature is +40 ℃ not more than 50%, at low temperature are allowed a larger relative Temperature, such as +20℃ at 90%, should be considered by the change in temperature could be accidentally condensation effect;
        4. device installed with vertical gradient is not more than 50, and the whole tank column relatively flat (GBJ232-82 standard);
        5. the device should be installed in no violent vibration and impact, and do not use the electric components from corrosion.
        Note: beyond the normal conditions of use, the user can negotiate with factory to solve.

        Model and meaning
        Structure feature
        Technical data
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