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      1. MNS

        Low voltage draw-out switch cabinet

        MNS type low voltage draw-out switch cabinet (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is my Swiss ABB company reference Company's series of MNS low-voltage switchgear and comprehensive development of improved, is the present domestic first In the low-voltage switchgear comprehensive improvement of the development of low voltage draw-out switchgear. The products are By standardization, into a series of modules, and the drawer has reliable mechanical interlock, When users in the use of safer, more reliable.
        The switch cabinet is suitable for use in ac 50 Hz(60), rated insulation voltage and working voltage is 380(400)V,660 V, rated current under 5000 a and three-phase five wire of power supply system System and can be used for power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, building hotels, airport, dock and widely Broadcast television communication centre, for power generation, transmission and distribution, power conversion and power consumption equipment Control, and through the ark to its main bus-bar capacitance compensation on reactive power compensation.

        • Structure feature
        • Condition of use
        • Technical data
        • User information
        Structure feature
        This switch cabinet due to the introduction of the Swiss ABB's advanced technologies, and on the basis of its original technology improve ment, make it more in line with China's national conditions. Cabinet put oneself in another's position with 25 mm for the modulus of C profiles by fitting to form to meet the various needs of all kinds of frame structure and the drawer units, the MCC cabinet a large amount of high strength flame retardant engineering plastics components, make its safety performance is more reliable, at the same time, combined with foreign function board would be retrofit, with 200 mm module combination, make it more conducive to PC ark and MCC ark cabinet put oneself in another's position of the design requirements, pack 2 spare unit and cabinet put oneself in another's position with reliable inte-
        rlocking device, in order to prevent the switch electricity in the state of load switch, improved its security, in addition the cabinet put oneself in another's position is generally adopt after passivation of cold-rolled steel sheet for assembly and become, can also be adopted according to the different needs of users apply aluminium zinc steel plate.
        Condition of use
        1. the ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ℃, the highest lowest not less than 5℃; And the average temperature is not higher than within 24h+35℃;
        2. the surrounding air relative humidity when the highest temperature is +40℃ not more than 50%, at low temperature are allowed a larger relative temperature, such as+at 20 ℃ at 90%, but given the due to the change of temperature is likely to be accidentalmoderate condensation;
        3. indoor use, the use of location mustnot exceed 2000 m elevation degrees;
        4. shall be installed in no violent vibration and impact, and do not use the electric components from corrosion.
        Note: beyond the normal conditions of use, the user can negotiate with factory to solve.

        Technical data
        User information
        1. provide the main figure, serial number, this scheme USES, rated voltage, the fixed current;
        2. mark into the wire cable specifications; 
        3. switch between the type electrical components, specifications and quantity;
        4. or into the line between the two, such as switchgear cabinets need bus or bus duct connection bridge, busbar bridge or bus duct rated carrying capacity should be provided, bus or bus duct span bridge, is apart from the highly specific requirements, such as data, see the bus bridge or bus duct ordering instructions;
        5. switchgear in special environmental conditions, to be detailed in order;
        6. color: according to user requirements, such as the user has not said according to company standard color production;
        7. unit circuit current is larger than 400 a above, Suggestions to fixed installation;
        8. and other specific requirements.
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