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      1. KYN28A-12

        Indoor communication metal armoured medium type switchgear

        KYN28A-12(GZS1-12) indoor communication metal armoured medium type switchgear(hereinafter referred to as the switchgear)
        by the west anson source company to develop and provide technology transfer advanced medium voltage switchgear. Our company developed on the basis of the free Set type switchgear in the miniaturization of 650 mm wide and 1000 mm width of SF6 circuit breaker in the cabinet, it is applicable to
        12kv three-phase ac rated voltage, rated frequency 50 hz, power system for receiving and distribution of electrical energy and the circuit for control, protection and monitoring.
        • Conform to the standard
        • Model and meaning
        • Use environment
        • Technical data
        • User information
        Conform to the standard
        1. GB1984-2003 ac high voltage circuit breaker.
        2. GB3906-2006"3.6~40.5KV ac metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment.
        3. GB/T11022-1999' standard of high voltage switch equipment and control equipment of common technical requirements.
        4. DL/T593-2006' standard of high voltage switch equipment and control equipment of common technical requirements.

        Model and meaning
        Use environment
        1. the ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ℃,the highest lowest not less than 10℃;
        2. air relative humidity and daily average no greater than 95%,monthly average no greater than 90%;
        3. heightis not morethan 1000meters above sealevel;
        4. but magnitude 8 earthquake intensity;
        5. ambient air from the corrosive,flammability,water vapour and other obvious pollution;
        6. no punishment polution and frequent severe vibration,harsh conditions severe degree of design satisfies the requirement of class 1;
        7. in more than GB3906 regulation of normal environmental conditions when using,negotiated by the users and manufacturers.

        Technical data
        User information
        1. single system graph. rated voltage, rated current. rated short circuit breaking current, transtormer room layout and the arrangement of switchgear configuration diagram. etc.;
        2. switch control, measurement and protection function of demands, and other atresia and automatic device and schematic diagram:
        3. in the switch cabinet type. specification and quantity of main electric elements: Or into the line between
        4. such as switchgear cabinet need bus bridge connection, should provide bus bar broken rated carrying capacity of the bridge, busbar bridge span, is apart from the highly specific requirements, such as data;
        5. switchgear used in special environmental conditions, to be detailed in order;
        6. and other specialrequirements. negotiation should be detailed written instructions, before the order. If order in the contract is with variable ark, foundation Please according to provide the basis of the construction.
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