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      1. KYN61A-40.5 Small

        AC metal-enclosed switchgear series

        KYN61A 40.5 ac metal-enclosed switchgear series three-phase ac 50 hz, rated voltage 40.5 kV single busbar and busbar secti-
        onalizing system of indoor complete sets of power distribution equipment, applicable to power plants, substations, industrial andmining enterprises, railway transportation, the distribution of high-rise buildings as acceptance and distribution of electrical energy, and to implement the circuit control, protection and monitoring, and other functions.
        Main components contained in the chosen ZN85A, ZN85B indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, can also be used with ABB company VD4B series vacuum circuit breaker, schneider SF1, SF2, ABB HD and rafer alston FP series sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers. Has a beautiful appearance, small volume, flexible operation, reliable electrical performance, long service life, conve-
        nient maintenance, agencies, free maintenance, etc.
        Switch cabinet structure to adapt to the strong, the main wiring scheme can reach more than 46, can meet various needs of users.

        • Condition of use
        • Model and meaning
        • Internal structure diagram
        • Technical data
        • User information
        Condition of use
        1. environmental temperature limit +40℃, the minimum-10℃;
        2. altitude does not exceed 1000m;
        3. air relative humidity; day average no greater than 95%, on average no greater than 90%;
        4. seismic intensity is not more than 8 degrees;
        5. is not suitable for corrosive or burning gas, water vapor and other places of significant pollution.
        Note: beyond the normal conditions of use, the user can be negotiated with the factory.

        Model and meaning
        Internal structure diagram


        Technical data
        User information
        1. single system graph and pareto diagram:
        2. secondary circuit wiring diagram, terminal diagram;
        3. switchgear electrical components within the model, spec itication and quantity;
        4. special requirements and special conditions of use. must be written in detail and talk things over solve.

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