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      1. S13-M.R-30~2500/10

        Three dimensional wound core transformer

        Solid iron core oil-immersed transformer, is a node structure more reasonable, more excellent performance and lower manufactu ring cost, high reliability of power transformer products. Breakthrough products of the traditional plane type structure, with symmetrical three-phase three-dimensional structu re. And because of its magnetic circuit without air gap winding more closely, silicon steel with magnetic direction and the direction of magnetic circuit is completely consistent. three column are arranged in an eauilateral trianale stereoscopic arrangement, athree pathlenath, and the : hortest cut without waste, processing characteristics: therefore it is a use of traditional materials , but the running noise lower, more compact ana efficient energy-saving transformer. In reducing the loss, saving materials onthe performance, fully in line with China's energy conservation policy.
        • Executive Standard
        • performance Characteristic
        • Type and Signification
        • Technical Paraweters
        Executive Standard
        · GB 1094.1-2-2013 Power transformer
        · GB 1094.3-2003 Power transformer
        · GB/T1094.4-2005 Power transformer
        · GB 1094.5-2008 Power transformer
        · GB/T6451-2008 Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technicalparam-eters and requirements
        · The international standard IEC76
        · GB/T25289-2010 20kV
        · Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technicalparam-eters and requirements

        performance Characteristic
        · Energy Saving, Reduced Noise Characteristics
        · Save Material. Reduce Cost;
        · Three Phase Balance, Anti Short Circuit Ability Enhancement
        · Stable Quality, Production Efficiency
        · Anti Theft, Small Occupation Area, Beautiful Appearance
        · The Economy Is Good, Nature Price Than High

        Type and Signification
        Technical Paraweters

        1. Load loss in the table below the diagonal values for Dyn11 products.
        2. Technical parameters of 10kV distribution transformer for large capacity, size and weight data, please contact us.
        3. Can provide various voltage transformer, short circuit impedance, coupling mode according to the user demand.
        4. Table weight and size data for reference only, are subject to change without notice.

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