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      1. SZ9-200~2500/10

        Three phase oil immersed on load tap changing distribution transformer

        · Kind: Outdoor Type

        · Normal use Environment: Elevation less than 1000m: Temper-ature Range :-25 ℃~+45℃

        · Especial Environment: Elevation more than 1000m, Tempera-ture Range :-45 ℃~+40℃
        · Opposite air humidity: ≤90% (+25℃)
        · Installation Site: Nothing corrodent air, noting obvious dirty mark.
        · The product are used for lighting and deliver power in industry and agriculture.

        • Executive Standard
        • Type and Signification
        • Performance Characteristic
        • Technical Paraweters
        Executive Standard
        · GB 1094.1-2-2013 Power transformer
        · GB 1094.3-2003 Power transformer
        · GB/T1094.4-2008 Power transfarmel
        · GB 1094.5-2005 Power transformer
        · GB/T6451-2008 Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technicalparam-eters and requirements
        · The international standard IEC76

        Type and Signification
        Performance Characteristic
        · core adopts the ladder type triple joint pile method.
        · Is square, fuel tank, radiator pipe, plate and corrugated type three, by the user are optional.
        · body positioning structure to adapt to the transport of long and complex terrain.

        Technical Paraweters

        Note: the weight and dimension data in the table are for reference only. We are not allowed to change without notice
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